CareerTrax, Inc. Welcome to the website of CTI Executive Search, a unit of CareerTrax Inc. We’re happy to have you visiting our website and hope that you'll reach out and be in touch if we can assist you in any way. What you'll find here is just the tip of the iceberg, however. CTI is an unusual and highly-effective resource for our client employers. And for candidates, there's no better network than ours.

For nearly 30 years, Dave Jensen and team have succeeded in the broadest range of assignments possible. Our emphasis has been in life sciences sectors such as biotech and pharma, food and ingredients, non-profit centers and NGO’s, as well as agribusiness, seed/crops, and laboratory products and services businesses.

In the biosciences, regardless of whether it’s agricultural science or human therapeutics, CTI’s publications in journals, websites, and newsletters have created a name recognition that opens doors to the best candidates. These special few will take our calls and spend time with referrals if they are not interested personally. We believe that quality recruiting is a one-on-one people business and not something that you can succeed with solely through your social networks.

While technologically aware and equipped with all the latest tools and social connections, at CTI we believe that our job is primarily a people business. After 30 years of treating people with the respect they deserve, our clients and candidates consider Dave Jensen and his team to be worthy of their continued commitment for executive search projects across the board. We produce results, not process. Please, read further and reach out so that we can talk "live" about how to solve your next major recruitment puzzle.

A number of CTI articles about career success factors are available to you on this website. Whether you are a contributor on the technical or business track, or an executive looking for some advice about the development and motivation of a team, these CTI articles may be of value. But they are just part of the story for our unique business. See the "About Us" section for more details on CareerTrax and how we can help your company.

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